Sharon Kwok

Sharon Kwok was born in Hong Kong of a Chinese mother and an American father of Germanic decent. Much of her childhood was spent at Ocean Park as her father was one of the founding members. She began a lifelong love of animals during those early years while learning to free dive with the dolphins and experiencing basic animal husbandry hands on. Having many varied interests has had quite an effect on her life.
A student of the Academy Of Arts in San Francisco, Sharon also taught arts at the Asian Arts Institute and started selling her works at charity exhibitions when she was in her teens. Sharon has been featured in over a dozen films as well as worked at T.V.B., RTHK, and ATV Hong Kong. She recently co-hosted and produced a prime-time TV series TVB H.K., with more nationwide programming under way. Sharon is pursuing new and challenging means of expressing her art as well as writing books to raise environmental awareness in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
Over the years, She has supported charities such as Lifeline Express, Youth Outreach, Make A Wish Foundation, and Prevent Child Sexual Abuse to name a few. She’s also an Ambassador for SPCA H.K., Hong Kong Cetacean Research Project, and Bloom.

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