Dr. Mikki McComb Kobza

Mikki is passionate about sharing her love of the ocean, the joy of exploration and the critical importance of science. Her research focuses on the sensory biology and ecological physiology of sharks, skates and rays. Mikki has been a tireless advocate for sharks, highlighting their global declines and framing new directions for their conservation. Mikki has been invited to speak, educate and conduct research at labs and institutions in South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Her outreach efforts have been documented in film, magazine and radio by the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, and CBC National Radio Canada. Mikki has always strived to bridge the gap between research and public engagement and believes deeply that when people are aware, they care and when they care, they act. Her current position as Executive Director of The Ocean Institute allows her to promote conservation, sustainability and education initiatives. She holds a Ph.D. in Integrative Biology from Florida Atlantic University and is the author of numerous scientific publications.

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