Graham Casden

Born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Graham moved to California as a child and quickly developed an insatiable love for the water. After 18 years living beside the ocean, Graham moved to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado. He is an alumnus from the Leeds School of Business, an accomplished aquanaut, and underwater photographer with hundreds of logged dives around the world.

In 2005, Graham planted the seed for Ocean First Divers, an environmentally charged dive operation created to address the plight of the world’s oceans and to establish an industry precedent for accountability and preservation. As the business progressed, Graham realized there was a tremendous need to improve marine science education amongst divers, teenagers, and working professionals, which lead to the founding of Ocean Classrooms.

Graham is a Scuba Schools International (SSI) Advanced Instructor and has spent the last several years designing highly engaging, innovative ways to teach core disciplines in the context of scuba diving and underwater exploration. Graham’s love for traveling and the ocean have led him to dive destinations all over the world. His favorites include Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Cocos Island, and the Red Sea.

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