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Uncommon Leadership in Transitional Times.

The Ocean Tribe is gathering for another free online Summit for
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What can we learn from this Great White Bear?

(Hint: She’s a role model for navigating change.)

This mother Polar Bear (above) is our Summit Icon. She’s working from where she is, with what she’s got, using her experience and opportunities that present themselves to find her way forward. She’s teaching herself and her cubs new behaviors, including swimming in open water for extended periods of time.

Arctic Apex Predators, Polar Bears are marine mammals and considered the iconic image for climate change: The world’s largest bear has been placed on the threatened species list due to rapid habitat loss from melting Arctic ice. 

Polar Bears have been quick to adapt, changing what they eat, where they live, how they live, and how they interact with other species, and yet still may go extinct within the next 30 years – because of us. If we humans do not follow their lead and change our own behaviors, we are facing the same fate. 

Photo Courtesy:  (c)2015

Embrace Change

Find your Change-maker Super Powers.

Fourteen Uncommon Leaders will show you how they discovered their change-making roles, at the 3rd annual Blue Ocean Summit 2016, online and free of charge, Dec 5-9, 2016. You’ll discover how your deep personal connection to the sea is your super power to change the world.

Connect and network with attendees just like you, who also share a deep connection to our water world, and want to take action to protect our blue planet. The conversations continue after the Summit is over, in our new ocean community portal at BlueOcean.Net.

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14 Speakers, 5 Days. 

We’ve brought together 14 remarkable people who have combined their passion for the ocean with their unique talents and skill sets to create Hope Spots of conscious change in their fields of interest.  This year is a smaller, more intimate Summit, featuring specially-selected Ocean Leaders who have taken to heart Dr. Sylvia Earle’s TED Prize-winning Call-to-Action, that guides this year’s Summit:

“Use all means at your disposal – films! expeditions! the web! new submarines! more!… to save and restore the ocean, the blue heart of the planet.” ~ ‘Her Deepness’ Dr. Sylvia Earle, Founder of Mission Blue

It’s Everybody’s Business.

Over 2,100 Ocean People involved in marine conservation, ocean education, marine tourism, the blue economy and ocean recreation have joined us for Blue Ocean Business Summits 2014 and 2015: For edition #3, we’ve changed our Summit name to #BlueOceanSummit because it’s not just for business owners:  The Ocean truly is everybody’s business.

A Community Like This Can Change the World

Ocean Business

If you’re involved in Adventure Travel, Marine or Eco- tourism, don’t miss this Summit. Join Watersports Retailers and Operators, Resorts, Liveaboards and Travel Sellers who are already profiting from change.

Ocean Lover

If you’re a  Diver, Snorkeler, Surfer, Sailor, Sportfisher, Cruiseshipper, Beach­goer or Global Citizen – and concerned about the future of your ocean playground, we’ve got seats for you at this Summit!

Ocean Actionist

If you’re a Scientist, Marine Educator or Student, Artist, Photographer or Filmmaker, Non-Profit or No-Profit, Voluntourist or Citizen Scientist, doing your part to be the change, this is for you.

Featured Speakers




The People You'll 'Meet'

“Uncommon Leadership in Transitional Times”
We’ve gathered twelve compelling voices who are going to get close­up and personal about their work that we believe exemplifies Blue Ocean Summit’s underlying theme.

With this latest series of spirited conversations, you’ll how Film, art, expeditions and more are being used to catalyze change, and you’ll learn how these game-changing activities are creating hope for a better blue planet.  These inspiring interviews will give you plenty of ideas on how you can take action to be the change you want to see in the sea.

To gain access to our presentations, you must reserve your seat.

Amos Nachoum

Award-winning Wildlife Photographer, Explorer, Founder of Big Animals Expeditions


Big Animals Expeditions

Courtney Mattison

Artivist, Large Installation Ceramic Sculptor, Mission Blue Editorial & Development Mgr


Dr. Wallace J. Nichols

Turtle Scientist,  New York Times Bestselling Author, “Blue Mind”, Founder, Blue Mind Collective, Host, Blue Mind Summit

Blue Mind

Mehgan Heaney-Grier

Television Personality, Biologist,
Marine Conservationist, Freedive Champion

Liz Cunningham

Journalist, Speaker, Educator, Illustrator,
Author of Award-winning “Ocean Country”

Ocean Country

Ief Winckelmans

Internet Pioneer, Ecopreneur/Investor, Creator Blue Economy Eco-Compass Criteria, Founder of Impact Investor Network, Founder of Ocean Impact Alliance

Ocean Impact

Michael Aw

Founder of Ocean Geographic, Underwater Photographer, Expedition Leader for Elysium Artists for the Arctic Expedition and
Elysium Shackleton Antarctic Visual Epic

Ocean Geographic

Dr. Mikki McComb-Kobza

Shark Scientist, Executive Director of Ocean First Institute, Educator at OFI Explorers Club, Skype in the Classroom

Ocean First Institute

Lizzi Larbalastier

Executive Coach at Going Coastal UK, Ocean Advocate, Environmental Activist.

Going Coastal

Liz Taylor

President, DOER Marine/Deep Ocean Engineering & Research, Consultant, Educator, Google Ocean
Deep Water Horizon Study Group Member

DOER Marine

Gianna Savoie

Executive Director of Ocean Media Institute, Documentary Producer, Environmental Biologist

Ocean Media Institute

Daniel Ponce-Taylor

Sustainable Development and Experiential Education Facilitator, Director of Programs at GVI, Marine biologist

GVI World

Laurie J. Wilson

Host, Blue Ocean Summit
Publisher, Blue Ocean Network
Founder BlueOcean.Net

Blue Ocean Community

Parvati Devi

Music Artist, along with her husband/manager Rishi Deva, Creators of Parvati Magazine and Parvati TV,  Founders of and the MAPS Movement

Dive In! The Water's Fine!

How To Attend

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Save your Summit Seat Here.

Click on the button below to register at our Eventbrite page.  Registration is FREE but you must sign up to attend.

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#BlueOcean2016 Summit Schedule

The Summiters

The calibre of our Summit Speakers is jawdrop-worthy. Here’s a sampling of the change-makers who have generously contributed to our Summit’s successes in 2014 and 2015: Ocean Ambassador Jean-Michel Cousteau; TED Prize Winner, Mission Blue’s ‘Her Deepness’ Sylvia Earle; NY Times Bestselling Author and PBS Host of “Saving the Ocean” Carl Safina; Movie Star and Asian Activist Sharon Kwok; NY Times Bestselling Author of “Blue Mind” Wallace J. Nichols; CNN ‘Hero for the Planet’ Ken Nedimyer; Award-winning Film Director of “Revolution” and “Sharkwater” Rob Stewart; Celebrated Cause Photographer Shawn Heinrichs; World-Class Cave Explorer and Creator of “We Are Water” Jill Heinerth; “Blue Water, White Death’ Film Legend Stan Waterman. Plus dozens more…

Summit Alumni 2015

“The Elephant in the Ocean”

These visionaries and action takers were part of our 2nd annual Blue Ocean Summit where we discussed the “Elephant in the Ocean” – the big issue the mainstream is ignoring:

Dr. Sylvia Earle, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Jill Heinerth, Rob Stewart, Sharon Kwok, John Thet, Doug McNeese, Amy Slate, John Racanelli, Dianna Cohen, Andy Miners, Stefan Gossling, Judi Lowe, Stiv Wilson,  Lois Hatcher, Ken Nedimyer, Chloe Harvey, John Englander, Vicki Nichols-Goldstein, Jim Toomey, Mikki McComb-Kobza, Jose Truda Palazzo, Graham Casden, Michele Westmorland, Julian Hyde, Martina Milanese, Holly Lohuis, Dr. Richard “Murph” Murphy, Andrew Lewin, Cecilie & Max Benjamin, Dr. Peter Sales and up-and-comer Jonah Bryson.

Summit Alumni 2015

Summit Alumni 2014

“New Blue Model For Business”

These industry pioneers and change-makers discussed our first online Summit theme on Sustainable Business that’s changing the ocean – for the better:

Dr. Carl Safina, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Michael Aw, Dr. Alex Brylske,  Vicki Nichols-Goldstein, Henrik Rosen, Dr. Brian Garrod, Dr. Carl Cater, Burt Jones & Maurine Shimlock, Dr. Mark Erdmann, Steve Weaver,  Dr. Rachel Dodds, Steve Mussman, Shawn Heinrichs, Dr. Douglas Fenner, Cheryl Patterson, Neil Van Neikerk, Jennifer Mills, Dana Krauskopf, and Sacha Greene-Belter.

Summit Alumni 2014

A Big Thank You to
Our Ocean Allies at

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